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Listen to Dan the exile man.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Why study Daniel?

In many ways Daniel is a continuation of our last bible study on the book of Revelation. Not only are the city of Babylon and visions of the prophet Daniel referenced throughout Revelation, but also the narritive history of events in the book of Daniel gives us concrete examples and application of how Chirstians are to remain faithful through tribulation, persecution, and exile.

Many people are troubled by the state of the world and suspect that the end is near. Se we studied the Revelation of St. John and have come to find out that the end is near (Rev. 1:3), Jesus is coming soon (Rev. 22:12). The question we find ourselves now asking is this, ”what shall we do?” and for that Daniel is a good model.

The prophet Daniel shows us the way forward, beyond the end times, by looking to the past.

Jesus is lord and he shall reign forever. This is the truth that the Apostle John saw in exile on the island, Patmos, and it is the truth that the Prophet Daniel saw from exile in Babylon. It was true for them back then and is true for us still today. Jesus is lord and shall reign forever and ever, amen.

Please join us before worship beginning Feb 27th as we listen to what Daniel has to say to us exiles in this world while we await the return of our king who is coming very soon.

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